life on the farm

where the flowers grow


Our small flock of chickens are a constant presence in the garden and the fields.  They also have their own Twitter feed.

We also have three dogs, who spend equal time lounging inside on the furniture and roaming the property.

Several hives of bees enjoy the flowers and reward us with honey.

winter activities

In winter our focus shifts to two areas of the farm:  the tunnels where we overwinter ranunculus and anemones, and the greenhouse.  The tunnels require a lot of attention -- opening them when the sun is out, then closing them up every night.  The greenhouse is the place to be, since it's warm and cozy and full of actively growing plants.  We start some of the seedlings in early winter, while others can wait until January or February.  And maybe, just maybe, we'll get a little rest.  Because when spring comes, it's all hands on deck!

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