Mother's Day resources for locally grown flowers

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Deluxe Sweet Piedmont Mother's Day Bouquet

Our mixed bouquets are always big and full of gorgeous flowers picked fresh from our fields, but our Mother's Day bouquets are even BIGGER.  Don't settle for flowers that have spent their post-harvest life traveling by plane or truck; ensure mom gets the freshest blooms money can buy. Click here to order from our on-line store; pick-up is at the farm in Waterford, VA or at the Purcellville Farmers Market.

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The ASCFG was created to educate, unite, and support commercial cut flower growers. Its mission is to help growers produce high-quality floral material, and to foster and promote the local availability of that product.  Click here for the ASCFG directory of cut flower growers, searchable by zip code.


Sweet Piedmont On-Farm Workshops

Is Mom the type who likes to arrange her own flowers?  Treat her to one of our upcoming workshops at our farm in Waterford, VA, where she can up her flower arranging game by learning how to make a flower crown, centerpiece, or other floral creation.  Send us an email at to grab a spot at an upcoming workshop, or purchase a gift certificate here.

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Floret Flower Farm Collective

Floret's Flower Farm Collective lists flower farms, florists and farmer-florists who are all part of the global seasonal flower movement, in which they commit to growing, buying and promoting local flowers.  Click here to explore the collective and find local flowers.


Sweet Piedmont Summer Bouquet Subscription

What do Moms like for Mother's Day even more than a bouquet of fresh-from-the-farm flowers?  Getting a new bouquet every week!  Click here to buy mom a four or eight week subscription.  She'll receive one of our large, lush, signature bouquets every week during the summer season.  Pick-up is at the farm in Waterford, VA on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings.

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Slow Flowers

Created by Debra Prinzing, Slow Flowers (inspired by the slow food movement) is an online directory listing florists, studio designers, wedding and event planners, supermarket flower departments and flower farmers who are committed to using American-grown flowers.