The Diamond Thief

The member of the animal kingdom most frequently associated with jewelry heists is decidedly feline: the cat burglar.

But in my case, it was a chicken. A chicken named Condi.

Her full name, actually, was Condoleeza Rice. Like all of my hens, she was named after a famous woman I admire. Her “sisters” – the first batch of day-old chickens I ever raised – included Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhardt, and Margaret (Maggie) Thatcher.

Baby chicks are every bit as cute as you might imagine, and perhaps the only thing more amazing than the fact that their sex can be determined when only a day old (it’s not a perfect science, but still…) is that you can receive an order of day-old chicks in the regular mail, via the U.S. Postal Service.

The box that Condi and her siblings arrived in. It's still hard for me to believe that baby chickens can be sent by mail, but it works! There is a minimum order of chickens required (which varies by vendor) so that they keep each other warm enough.