About Sweet Piedmont

Sweet Piedmont is a sustainable cut flower farm nestled within the hills of Waterford, VA. With a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west and our land set apart from traditional residential developments, our farm is a sort of oasis from the modern distractions and disturbances of life. It’s our hope that visitors are enlivened and refreshed by the natural beauty of this place. And for those who receive our flowers, that they are filled with the joy and whimsy of each season because of our spectacular blooms.

We offer subscription bouquets, wholesale flowers, you-pick days, workshops, as well as private events and bookings at our farm. We can also be found at the EatLoco Ashbrook (formerly One Loudoun) farmer's market each Saturday, April - October.

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Specialty, High-Quality Flowers

Here at Sweet Piedmont, we strive to make not-so-everyday flowers available to the everyday consumer. Unlike a grocery or traditional florist, we do not import our blooms from faraway places… nor are our flowers what you might consider “typical”. We pride ourselves in raising a very large diversity of specialty blooms and floral ingredients (we’re going on 100+ at this point!) and of those types, there could be multiple varieties. Ever sniffed in the scent of a golden peony? Or had a coral dahlia the size of a dinner plate at your dining table? Have you ever received an arrangement laced with hyacinth beans and fresh mint the length of your forearm?! 

We’re proud to grow such unique items right here in Loudoun County, Virginia. And we’re proud of the quality we produce. Our flowers are cultivated with care from seed to final stem and they are picked with precision! Every stem in a Sweet Piedmont bouquet is hand selected for longevity and beauty, cut fresh to ensure the longest lifespan. This is perhaps the most important detail to consider when purchasing flowers - when was it harvested? Our blooms exceed or even double the lifespan of common florist blooms because of freshness alone.

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Regenerative Farming

A huge part of our mission as farmers and as a small business is to transform the floral industry through the practice and promotion of responsible agriculture. This means decreasing our carbon footprint indoors and outdoors and approaching the practice of farming with a holistic view. We consider not just the final product - gorgeous flowers - but the soil they grow from, the micro-organisms that abide within it, the creatures on and around our farm, and of course, the health of those that handle our flowers. We consider air and earth quality, and the land of our neighbors, and our region as a whole! To us, this looks like no-till farming and no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers applied to our plants. It looks like choosing to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible.

Supporting Farmer-Florists + Small Businesses

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